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So you are moving and you need some movers?  This is the email you were waiting for!

Our name is Onesource Moving and our purpose is to make your move as easy as possible without paying a bunch of money.


Additional reasons why you should think about using us:

  • Your items are protected with $300,000.00 Cargo Insurance while in transit.
  • No contractors, all full time employees
  • A-Rated on Better Business Bureau
  • We are nice guys (really we are, all the mean guys are fired)


Booking with Onesource Moving is as easy as 1 (hence our name 1 Source Moving, JK)


Step 1: Choose how many movers you need

Step 2: Choose your truck

Step 3: Call us at 713-620-8097


If you only do Step 3 you can by-pass Step 1 and Step 2 which leaves you with only 1 thing to do, call the 1 Houston mover that is both nice and affordable.  Our sales people (the truth is we only can afford only 1 sales guy, but he does the job of 5 people so he demanded that we refer to him in plural, that’s just his thing.)

He is very knowledgeable though about what you need to get the job done.  Since he’s a cheap skate he will find ways for you to save on your move, again that’s he’s thing.


Now to the world’s best known secret: Our rates:



1 Man + 1 Dude  Crew @ $79/HR

Trip Charge: $45 or $105 (Depends if you use BIG MAMA Truck or baby truck)

*Say you read this entire text and you get paid $4.5 for doing that.


1Man + 1 Dude+ 1 Hombre Crew @$105/HR

Trip Charge: $45 or $105 (again depends if you use BIG MAMA Truck or baby truck)

*Say you read this entire text and you get paid $9.5 for doing that








Baby Truck($45)      Big Mama($105)



On the hourly rate, your time starts when our movers get to your pick-up location, and your time will end at the drop-off location, when you are completely done with the movers.  What’s included with your move:


  • Wrapping of your furniture (even that old IKEA!) with clean blankets for protection
  • Disassembly of your bed and appliance FREE of charge.  We charge for reassembly though(JK)
  • We will not shrink wrap your spouse (not cool)


OneSource Moving also provides Packing Services.  We pack at $55/HR for 1 pro packer or $65/HR for 1 packer and 1 Box Maker!



Do you want to make your move even cheaper?  Ask us about our crate rentals.  Those crates are like the best thing since the invention of sliced bread or the Ford Model T or anything you ever thought was really cool.  Why are they so cool you ask?  Well they are Affordable, convenient and greener than dirty cardboard boxes (Yuck).


For payment we accept Cash (cash is King )but we accept the other stuff too so we can make our clients life easier: Check, Money Orders, and the good old plastics.



Do you still have questions, well we are waiting for you.  We can’t wait to hear your voice!!

713-620-8097 or by E-mail(boring) at:


Yours partially (the other part is for our family)


Stephane Leveque

OneSource Moving

Move today!

Local Houston Movers


Hi Everyone,

Today OneSource Moving is going to tell you about a whole area of scams you may not even be aware of — moving scams. Or perhaps you don’t realize how big a problem moving scams can be. As one of Houston’s leading moving companies, here at OneSource Moving, we feel obligated to let you know of the traps out there and advise you on how to make your next move a drama free one.

OK. Let’s get right to it…
Here’s a brief background:

Prior to 1980, there were only a few major national moving companies that were permitted to move goods across state lines. In 1980, the Household Goods Transportation Act was passed, giving movers the right to provide customers with ‘binding estimates’ — meaning, they could now compete on the basis of price instead of just customer service. The Act also had the effect of helping to create a whole new generation of moving companies, and so, of course, competition became fiercer. The end result was that movers had to set lower and lower prices to get your business, which meant that it became more difficult to make a profit. Some of them turned to some questionable practices at that point — and this sometimes amounted to holding your goods ‘hostage’ while they demanded that you pay some trumped-up extra charges. In other words, you might be given an estimate of $2000, for example, to move your household. It sounds reasonable, and you agree and sign the contract. But when the truck shows up at your new home (sometimes weeks after they were supposed to, but that’s another story!) with all your worldly goods, the bill has suddenly mushroomed to $4300 — and you are forced to pay because the mover refuses to unload your goods until you do. In some cases, additional information has been added to the contract after you signed it — and if you try to fight it, you’ll find there may be very little legal recourse available to you.

Unfortunately, Houston is a very big city; therefore a lot of bad people want to rip some of you off. At OneSource Moving, we want to remain our good reputation. Here are some things you can do to protect yourself — and to make sure you don’t become a victim of these moving scams:

1. The most drastic solution: sell everything and start again. This may sound extreme, but dozens of people who’ve had their household goods held up by a moving company wish now that they had done this.

2. If you don’t want to do it all yourself, there are companies that will pack and load the rental truck for you. Call OneSource Moving for moving assistance with packing, loading, crate rentals and much more.

3. If you decide to hire a moving company, check references very carefully. Be especially careful with Internet-based movers. There are obviously reputable firms online, but there are an unusual number of horror stories from customers who hired movers online.  Check out Better Business Bureau for reliable moving companies.

4. Get referrals from local real estate firms, and then get several estimates — in writing — from the companies you’ve chosen. Do everything you can to check out the moving company in advance. Do a search online to make sure the company isn’t already a known scammer; go to the address of the company and check out their yard and their trucks.

Once you think you’ve found a reputable company, here’s a list of the information you want to get from them:

1. The full legal company name (including any ‘dba’ names).

2. Length of time in business.

3. Full legal company address and all phone numbers.

4. Get their Dept. of Transport and any other State or Federal license numbers.

5. Most importantly, ask them for references — and call them.

6. Call the FMCSA’s consumer complaints hotline at 1-888-368-7238 to inquire about the company’s history.

Meanwhile, if you hire a moving company, be sure to educate and inform yourself especially carefully before you sign on the dotted line.

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Imagine this scenario. You choose a moving company, set up a date, and sign a contract with the movers. A few weeks later, you’re standing at your new house and all of your things are locked inside a truck out front. The movers have piled a bunch of extra charges onto your bill and are telling you that if you don’t pay the fees, you won’t get your things. The people you thought were going to carry the heavy stuff and make your moving day so much easier are now holding your belongings hostage.

Unfortunately, these types of things happen. So you need to be ultra careful about choosing a moving company and very vigilant about managing your contract with that company.

OneSource Moving is one of Houston’s few reliable moving companies. With a call, we can give you estimates and send you the right movers to make your move fast and comfortable. As a moving company who wants the best for its past and future customers, we have gathered seven tips to help you with your next move. We will help you find local movers, interstate movers, residential movers, apartment movers, or office movers.

7. Research Companies

First things first — do some informal research to see which moving companies do quality work. Send out an e-mail to friends to see if they have any recommendations or warnings about moving companies they’ve used in the past. If the companies you’re interested in offer references, call those references. Once you narrow down your choices, check with the Better Business Bureau about any moving companies you’re considering. If one of those companies has had a number of complaints filed against it, then that’s not the company you want to use. It is no secret that OneSource Moving is reliable and honest. We have been with the Better Business Bureau since 2012 and are rated grade A. We answer our phones all day and reply to all of our emails within 30-minutes.

6. Get More Than One Estimate

For interstate moves, charges are based on the weight of the items to be moved, the distance to be moved, packing and other services. Get two or three estimates well in advance of your move. You may even want to meet with a relocation consultant in person and have him or her come out to your home. That way, the consultant can take a look at your belongings and make a solid estimate on how much it will cost you to transport them. When you speak with the moving companies, ask whether their estimates are binding or nonbinding. Do not accept an estimate over the phone. At you can request your free moving quote.

5. Make Sure the Mover is Aware of Everything that Must Be Moved

Make sure the mover is perfectly aware of everything that has to be moved. And here’s why: The cost will increase if anything is added to the shipment that was not included in the estimate. Also, make sure the mover is aware of any special circumstances that might make the move challenging. For example, is there a possibility that the moving truck will have a hard time parking at your new place? If the mover has to park far away, you may be charged extra money for the walking that movers have to do to get your things to your new place.

4. Get Insurance

If you have renters or homeowners insurance, then your belongings are insured when they’re at your home, but not when they’re on the road between homes. So for a long commute, you might want to consider purchasing moving or relocation insurance. Unless you pay the movers to pack your belongings, it’s unlikely that they will be insured against breakage caused by improper packing. If you want to ensure coverage for broken items, you can always ask the movers to pack your belongings. There are several types of insurance packages to purchase. The moving company is liable for a certain dollar amount multiplied by the weight of the shipment, up to a certain amount. OneSource Moving has a commercial insurance of $2.000.000. We are a trusted moving company and take the outmost precaution with our customers’’ belongings.

3. Pay Close Attention to the Contract

The mover will issue you a bill of lading, a legal contract between the customer and the mover. Be sure to read it carefully and make sure you understand the agreement before you sign it. Then, be sure to hang on to your copy of the bill of lading. If something goes wrong, you’ll want to have it handy to state your case. And once you sign the bill of lading, you must pay what it says you’re supposed to pay. Look for the bill of lading to include the following: name and address of mover, the type of payment method it accepts, time of pickup, minimum and maximum amounts to pay and other details about payment.

2. Ask Questions About the Contract

Make sure that any contract you enter into covers rates and charges, the mover’s liability for your possessions, dates for pickup and delivery, and claims protection. Read the document carefully. Don’t worry about making the moving company wait while you look the contract over to make sure you understand everything that’s included. Moving company scams are not uncommon, so you want to make sure a moving company is on the up and up before you sign a contract. If something in the contract looks fishy, trust your instincts and ask questions. You don’t want your moving company to hold your things hostage and force you to pay extra costs. At all of our moves, we send a supervisor to monitor the moves and answer ALL of your questions.

1. Make Sure the Company is Legit

Moving scams are pretty rampant, and you want to be sure the company you work with is legit. So, check up on it. Pay a visit to the company to see whether it seems like it’s on the up and up. Are the trucks labeled clearly? It’s not good if they’re not. You can search for the company’s motor carrier license information on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration SaferSys Web site. Plug in the DOT number the company gave you to see if everything looks correct. For example, the address you got from the company should match the address on the SaferSys Web site. If you’re moving to a different state, the moving company should be authorized for interstate moving. There should also be a check next to household goods. For more information, check out

We hope this was insightful.

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Moving out of an office can be a hectic and stressful day if you have unprofessional movers who are not sure of what they are doing. They need the right knowledge and experience that tells them what to shrink wrap and what goes together and what needs to go in a separate box; or else the move will take even longer and unloading will be painful. After six years of moving and packing with great care, OneSource knows it all.

If you are planning on having an office move from a medical center, a business building of thirty stories, or from a small office, who better to call than the most reliable moving company in all of Texas! We are rated grade A on Better Business Bureau. We are equipped with professional movers. Our services are affordable and high quality. We are not only a Houston moving company. Whether you are a local or out of state customer, you can receive the move you deserve. We are equipped with friendly and fast office movers, residential movers, apartment movers, or just moving assistance; do not hesitate to call OneSource Moving today.

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Moving Office Budget Planner

Whether you are a large or small organization, there are a number of moving office costs that are common for every office move. These have all been identified for you so you can start the process of getting office moving quotes, surveys and fee estimates that will enable you to establish a rough Moving Office Budget well in advance of your Houston office move. And for those who hate budgeting (you’re not alone!) this article will be ideal – (we also have an easy-to-use template in which you simply input the expected cost and it will work the rest out for you!) At OneSource Moving, we are a professional moving company who is has affordable movers to move you to your new office.

The cost of moving office involves sizeable costs for any organization, and while an office move, even a local one for that matter can help you get into better, bigger, more practical and even cheaper office space, it is going to be one of the most expensive ventures your business will undertake.  But early planning of what your moving office costs are likely to be will help you forecast, control and ensure you don’t spend more than you really need to.

Below are some of the various moving office costs associated with an office move:

  • Office Rent
  • Security Deposit
  • Legal Fees
  • Building Insurance
  • Office Design & Build out
  • New Office Furniture
  • Additional or new IT infrastructure and Business Phone Systems
  • Office Moving Company Fees
  • Archiving & Storage
  • Updated Marketing Material/Stationery
  • Dilapidations & Repairs on existing office

One of the most common mistakes made by many companies relocating, is running out of money caused by inadequate budgeting up front.  Don’t allow poor budgeting to be the collapse of your office move. Once you know what the various moving office cost components are, there is really only one thing left … and that’s to ensure that you update your Moving Office Budget Planner on a regular basis and use it as a working document before, during and after your office move.

This is where Onesource Moving steps in.  At Onesource Moving we can help you plan the moving aspect of your move from the actual move to packing your entire office.  As a facility manager we understand the stress you may be experiencing with this once in a lifetime moving project.  We have the tools and the team that can come to your place of business to estimate with accuracy what will be needed and provide you with a fixed cost. 



Ways to save time on moving Day

Please use these helpful tips to accelerate your move (and thus reduce your cost):

  • Pack all loose items into boxes and/or bags (this is the single most important step that you can take)
  • Label boxes, especially those holding fragile materials
  • Use smaller boxes for books and other heavy items
  • Empty the contents of drawers
  • Shrink-wrap or protect glass and valuable framed items
  • Disassemble your bed-frame, head-board, and foot-board
  • Shrink-wrap valuable furniture
  • Bag soft items (clothes, bedding, etc.) in kitchen trash bags
  • Clear hallways and stairways of obstructions so that large furniture items may be loaded into the truck first
  • If possible, pack stereos, TV’s, and computers in their original boxes with their original packing material
  • While we do provide shrink wrap, you can save time and money by shrink-wrapping in advance.
  • Call us for detailed steps at 713-620-8097 or email us at

Tenant’s Guide to the Legal Issues involved with an Office Relocation

The legal issues surrounding an office move are paramount to the ongoing success and security of your business. There are 3 key areas of an office move that require special attention from a commercial, operational and legal perspective. By calling OneSource Moving, we can give you all the information needed to move to a new office.

BEFORE THE OFFICE MOVE:   Tenant’s “Exit” Strategy from Current Office

Whether your office lease is about to expire, you have an option to break in your existing lease or you just want to take advantage of favorable market conditions you need to understand and evaluate your options. It is important you are aware of what notice you need to give to terminate the lease, and how and when it should be served.

The continually changing demands of a business often require tenants to vacate their existing premises before the lease has expired, and depending on the provisions within the office lease, there may be a number of options available to you.

You may be able to:

  • Negotiate termination with the Landlord
  • Terminate the lease under a break clause
  • Assign the lease to another Tenant
  • Sub-let the premises to another Tenant

ACTION: Contact a Commercial Real Estate Lawyer; let them have a copy of your current office lease and seek advice as to what options are available to you.

DURING THE OFFICE MOVE:  Ensuring your Commercial Interests are Safeguarded in the New Lease

Taking on a commercial lease is one of the biggest financial and operational commitments your business will undertake.  It is a legally binding document that imposes liabilities and obligations on both parties for the term of the lease.  It follows that failing to comply with your obligations at any stage of the term of the office lease may be costly for the Tenant and have legal, financial and operational consequences.

Tenants who do not seek professional legal advice expose themselves to considerable risk and costly operational consequences further down the line.

Before you sign anything, ask your Commercial Real Estate Lawyer to examine the commercial lease, highlight any areas of concern and identify any clauses that need to be either negotiated or clarified.

Ask a Commercial Real Estate Lawyer to examine the office lease and advise on the following:

  • Whether the length of the lease is appropriate for your business needs
  • Whether there are any options to break the lease and your entitlement to an extension of the lease on expiry
  • Full details of your expected costs (both fixed and variable) including Common Area Maintenance costs, property taxes, utilities, insurance, repairs etc.
  • The basis on which the rent can be changed
  • Your responsibilities for maintaining and repairing the premises
  • Whether all the things that are important to you and your business have been accurately reflected and documented in the lease.

Be sure to allow ample time for this negotiating process as several drafts of the commercial lease are likely to be exchanged. It is therefore recommended to engage a Commercial Real Estate Lawyer (one that specialises in representing Tenants) at the earliest possible stage.

ACTION: Do not attempt to negotiate your office lease without hiring specialist legal representation. It is business critical that you understand the implications of every term and condition, cost and liability so you know what you are committing to.

AFTER THE OFFICE MOVE:  Ongoing Legal Issues throughout the course of your Tenancy

Paying your rent on time and staying on good terms with your Landlord will generally help make any situation easier to handle and should allow you to enjoy your tenure and concentrate on what you do best – running your business.

However, once you have signed your commercial lease, there may be ongoing legal issues that arise during the course of your tenancy.  Should this happen, then arranging for a Commercial Real Estate Lawyer to liaise with the Landlord’s Attorney on your behalf will help get any issues resolved quickly – and without unnecessary disruption to your business.

Commercial Real Estate Lawyers are experienced at negotiating, drafting, and interpreting commercial office leases, and are a valuable resource for tenants renting office space … MAKE SURE YOU USE ONE!

Call OneSource today for all the details and moving assistance with office moving.


Build A Better Office.

Your Guide to an Inspiring and Effective Office Design & Build-out

The right office design provides you with the opportunity to create a place of business that can maintain and enhance a strong corporate identity. It will enable you to showcase your priorities, values and image to your customers. First impressions really do matter so the initial visual impact of your office design will play a key part. At OneSource Moving, when you call, we will send you office movers to move you to your new office within the blank of an eye.

Furthermore, all companies understand the importance of having a workforce that is effective, motivated and happy – so your new office design also has a major role to play for your staff. A well-designed workplace will play an integral role in motivating, developing and engaging the workforce resulting in improved efficiency and business performance.

For this to be achieved, working with General Contractors (which comprises Office Space Planning, Office Design and Office Build-Out) who understand your company values and appreciate both the aesthetic qualities and functional aspects that you want to include in your new workplace – is essential to a successful office build -out. These General Contractors will take you through each stage of the office design and space planning process; which involves all or some of the following:

Workspace Appraisal

The starting point for any office relocation is to carry out a detailed analysis of both your current and future business objectives and office space requirements. This can then be assessed against your current office space size and configuration and the moving office budget available. Our relocation moving company is one of the best in Texas and the main aim of the Workspace Appraisal is to determine whether you would be better served by relocating to a new office or refurbishing your existing office space.

Office Space Planning

Office space planning is all about achieving the most appropriate and cost effective office space solutions to meet your specific requirements and maximizing the use of space, facilities and equipment. It deals with the fundamentals such as how much office space is available, how many people need to work in the space, what sort of work they will be doing – as well as the practical issues of your meeting rooms, break out, reception, storage, kitchen facilities etc.

Office Design

This is about the look and feel of your new office and the way that partitioning, furniture, flooring, and lighting etc can be used to create your ideal office environment that reflects your business objectives, brand values and budget. You should be looking for flexible and practical solutions when it comes to designing your office space and build flexibility into the scheme so that as styles change, so can the design elements. Color is a great cost-effective way to bring a desired ambience into your workplace that reflects the company’s image or branding. Take advantage of natural light within the office and, where possible, ensure that staff workstations are situated near a source of natural light as this helps to keep staff motivated and keeps them alert.

Office Build-Out

This encompasses the physical office build-out and includes the entire off and on site work to produce the agreed workspace environment – such as the flooring, walls, ceilings, partitioning, decoration, fixtures & fittings and the installation of electrical and mechanical services.

Office Furniture

Furnishing a large office space can be expensive, so you may wish to lease or recycle some of your existing office furniture, rather than buy new – but ensure that furniture choices reflect the overall office design and meet both practical and ergonomic requirements. Storage is also an important element to consider, de-clutter and archive as much as possible before you move office to help maximise your space.

Office Refurbishment

For some companies, an alternative to an office relocation will be a refurbishment of their existing office space. It is always possible to improve the office layout to suit evolving business requirements and make your office space work better for you. An office refurbishment can be a very productive and cost-effective way of revitalising your office space (whilst also improving staff morale).

Thinking Ahead

Office design needs to be adaptable and flexible to meet your future business requirements, so think about how your business is likely to change over the next 5 years.  A good office design will reflect current business values, as well as being adaptable to future requirements.


Most tenants will have retrofit obligations within their commercial lease. You will also need to consider fixing, repairing and/or making good any alterations you have made to your existing office space.

Whether you are looking for moving assistance or an affordable moving company in Houston or long distance, OneSource Moving is the professional moving company to call.

Call 713-620-8097 for more details on how we can help you today!

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Onesource Moving Llc

Onesource Moving is Houston’s fastest moving company. Unlike other moving companies they provide you with a flat rate for all your moving needs. The way they price each move is pretty cool. Do you ever wonder how much a move is going to be?    

Onesource Moving used to price their move on an hourly basis as well. The owner Stephane did not like the inconsistency of not being able to accurately quote his client.  Stephane with a degree in business from the University of Southern California is no stranger to case studies and the ‘dos’ and ‘donts’ of business. One thing he knew is that if there is lack of transparency in a business ‘customers will less likely use your services let alone return’.

In addition to his feeling that his moving pricing structure needed a lift, he surveyed his clients. The results were consistent with his feeling that the lack of knowing a moving price created anxiaty for the majority of his clients.  So Stephane decided to change the pricing structure in a way the moving industry never dared.

By using the information from all his past moves he was able to come up with a fixed price to load and unload up to 4 different truck sizes.  This fixed price is applied regardless of what you are moving, as long as your household good items can fit in the particual truck.  For instance if you are moving a small studio Stephane says  most of the time this will cost $237.  So he says ‘knowing that information we are able to take out the guessing game out of moving once and for all.’

This is the most straightforward pricing in the moving industry. 

Currently this pricing is offered to the residential   clients of Outsource Moving.  They plan to provide that pricing structure to their office and commercial moves shortly.

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