Onesource Moving is Houston’s fastest moving company. Unlike other moving companies they provide you with a flat rate for all your moving needs. The way they price each move is pretty cool. Do you ever wonder how much a move is going to be?    

Onesource Moving used to price their move on an hourly basis as well. The owner Stephane did not like the inconsistency of not being able to accurately quote his client.  Stephane with a degree in business from the University of Southern California is no stranger to case studies and the ‘dos’ and ‘donts’ of business. One thing he knew is that if there is lack of transparency in a business ‘customers will less likely use your services let alone return’.

In addition to his feeling that his moving pricing structure needed a lift, he surveyed his clients. The results were consistent with his feeling that the lack of knowing a moving price created anxiaty for the majority of his clients.  So Stephane decided to change the pricing structure in a way the moving industry never dared.

By using the information from all his past moves he was able to come up with a fixed price to load and unload up to 4 different truck sizes.  This fixed price is applied regardless of what you are moving, as long as your household good items can fit in the particual truck.  For instance if you are moving a small studio Stephane says  most of the time this will cost $237.  So he says ‘knowing that information we are able to take out the guessing game out of moving once and for all.’

This is the most straightforward pricing in the moving industry. 

Currently this pricing is offered to the residential   clients of Outsource Moving.  They plan to provide that pricing structure to their office and commercial moves shortly.