Your Guide to an Inspiring and Effective Office Design & Build-out

The right office design provides you with the opportunity to create a place of business that can maintain and enhance a strong corporate identity. It will enable you to showcase your priorities, values and image to your customers. First impressions really do matter so the initial visual impact of your office design will play a key part. At OneSource Moving, when you call, we will send you office movers to move you to your new office within the blank of an eye.

Furthermore, all companies understand the importance of having a workforce that is effective, motivated and happy – so your new office design also has a major role to play for your staff. A well-designed workplace will play an integral role in motivating, developing and engaging the workforce resulting in improved efficiency and business performance.

For this to be achieved, working with General Contractors (which comprises Office Space Planning, Office Design and Office Build-Out) who understand your company values and appreciate both the aesthetic qualities and functional aspects that you want to include in your new workplace – is essential to a successful office build -out. These General Contractors will take you through each stage of the office design and space planning process; which involves all or some of the following:

Workspace Appraisal

The starting point for any office relocation is to carry out a detailed analysis of both your current and future business objectives and office space requirements. This can then be assessed against your current office space size and configuration and the moving office budget available. Our relocation moving company is one of the best in Texas and the main aim of the Workspace Appraisal is to determine whether you would be better served by relocating to a new office or refurbishing your existing office space.

Office Space Planning

Office space planning is all about achieving the most appropriate and cost effective office space solutions to meet your specific requirements and maximizing the use of space, facilities and equipment. It deals with the fundamentals such as how much office space is available, how many people need to work in the space, what sort of work they will be doing – as well as the practical issues of your meeting rooms, break out, reception, storage, kitchen facilities etc.

Office Design

This is about the look and feel of your new office and the way that partitioning, furniture, flooring, and lighting etc can be used to create your ideal office environment that reflects your business objectives, brand values and budget. You should be looking for flexible and practical solutions when it comes to designing your office space and build flexibility into the scheme so that as styles change, so can the design elements. Color is a great cost-effective way to bring a desired ambience into your workplace that reflects the company’s image or branding. Take advantage of natural light within the office and, where possible, ensure that staff workstations are situated near a source of natural light as this helps to keep staff motivated and keeps them alert.

Office Build-Out

This encompasses the physical office build-out and includes the entire off and on site work to produce the agreed workspace environment – such as the flooring, walls, ceilings, partitioning, decoration, fixtures & fittings and the installation of electrical and mechanical services.

Office Furniture

Furnishing a large office space can be expensive, so you may wish to lease or recycle some of your existing office furniture, rather than buy new – but ensure that furniture choices reflect the overall office design and meet both practical and ergonomic requirements. Storage is also an important element to consider, de-clutter and archive as much as possible before you move office to help maximise your space.

Office Refurbishment

For some companies, an alternative to an office relocation will be a refurbishment of their existing office space. It is always possible to improve the office layout to suit evolving business requirements and make your office space work better for you. An office refurbishment can be a very productive and cost-effective way of revitalising your office space (whilst also improving staff morale).

Thinking Ahead

Office design needs to be adaptable and flexible to meet your future business requirements, so think about how your business is likely to change over the next 5 years.  A good office design will reflect current business values, as well as being adaptable to future requirements.


Most tenants will have retrofit obligations within their commercial lease. You will also need to consider fixing, repairing and/or making good any alterations you have made to your existing office space.

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