Ways to save time on moving Day

Please use these helpful tips to accelerate your move (and thus reduce your cost):

  • Pack all loose items into boxes and/or bags (this is the single most important step that you can take)
  • Label boxes, especially those holding fragile materials
  • Use smaller boxes for books and other heavy items
  • Empty the contents of drawers
  • Shrink-wrap or protect glass and valuable framed items
  • Disassemble your bed-frame, head-board, and foot-board
  • Shrink-wrap valuable furniture
  • Bag soft items (clothes, bedding, etc.) in kitchen trash bags
  • Clear hallways and stairways of obstructions so that large furniture items may be loaded into the truck first
  • If possible, pack stereos, TV’s, and computers in their original boxes with their original packing material
  • While we do provide shrink wrap, you can save time and money by shrink-wrapping in advance.
  • Call us for detailed steps at 713-620-8097 or email us at emailamover@gmail.com