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Moving out of an office can be a hectic and stressful day if you have unprofessional movers who are not sure of what they are doing. They need the right knowledge and experience that tells them what to shrink wrap and what goes together and what needs to go in a separate box; or else the move will take even longer and unloading will be painful. After six years of moving and packing with great care, OneSource knows it all.

If you are planning on having an office move from a medical center, a business building of thirty stories, or from a small office, who better to call than the most reliable moving company in all of Texas! We are rated grade A on Better Business Bureau. We are equipped with professional movers. Our services are affordable and high quality. We are not only a Houston moving company. Whether you are a local or out of state customer, you can receive the move you deserve. We are equipped with friendly and fast office movers, residential movers, apartment movers, or just moving assistance; do not hesitate to call OneSource Moving today.

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Moving Office Budget Planner

Whether you are a large or small organization, there are a number of moving office costs that are common for every office move. These have all been identified for you so you can start the process of getting office moving quotes, surveys and fee estimates that will enable you to establish a rough Moving Office Budget well in advance of your Houston office move. And for those who hate budgeting (you’re not alone!) this article will be ideal – (we also have an easy-to-use template in which you simply input the expected cost and it will work the rest out for you!) At OneSource Moving, we are a professional moving company who is has affordable movers to move you to your new office.

The cost of moving office involves sizeable costs for any organization, and while an office move, even a local one for that matter can help you get into better, bigger, more practical and even cheaper office space, it is going to be one of the most expensive ventures your business will undertake.  But early planning of what your moving office costs are likely to be will help you forecast, control and ensure you don’t spend more than you really need to.

Below are some of the various moving office costs associated with an office move:

  • Office Rent
  • Security Deposit
  • Legal Fees
  • Building Insurance
  • Office Design & Build out
  • New Office Furniture
  • Additional or new IT infrastructure and Business Phone Systems
  • Office Moving Company Fees
  • Archiving & Storage
  • Updated Marketing Material/Stationery
  • Dilapidations & Repairs on existing office

One of the most common mistakes made by many companies relocating, is running out of money caused by inadequate budgeting up front.  Don’t allow poor budgeting to be the collapse of your office move. Once you know what the various moving office cost components are, there is really only one thing left … and that’s to ensure that you update your Moving Office Budget Planner on a regular basis and use it as a working document before, during and after your office move.

This is where Onesource Moving steps in.  At Onesource Moving we can help you plan the moving aspect of your move from the actual move to packing your entire office.  As a facility manager we understand the stress you may be experiencing with this once in a lifetime moving project.  We have the tools and the team that can come to your place of business to estimate with accuracy what will be needed and provide you with a fixed cost.