So you are moving and you need some movers?  This is the email you were waiting for!

Our name is Onesource Moving and our purpose is to make your move as easy as possible without paying a bunch of money.


Additional reasons why you should think about using us:

  • Your items are protected with $300,000.00 Cargo Insurance while in transit.
  • No contractors, all full time employees
  • A-Rated on Better Business Bureau
  • We are nice guys (really we are, all the mean guys are fired)


Booking with Onesource Moving is as easy as 1 (hence our name 1 Source Moving, JK)


Step 1: Choose how many movers you need

Step 2: Choose your truck

Step 3: Call us at 713-620-8097


If you only do Step 3 you can by-pass Step 1 and Step 2 which leaves you with only 1 thing to do, call the 1 Houston mover that is both nice and affordable.  Our sales people (the truth is we only can afford only 1 sales guy, but he does the job of 5 people so he demanded that we refer to him in plural, that’s just his thing.)

He is very knowledgeable though about what you need to get the job done.  Since he’s a cheap skate he will find ways for you to save on your move, again that’s he’s thing.


Now to the world’s best known secret: Our rates:



1 Man + 1 Dude  Crew @ $79/HR

Trip Charge: $45 or $105 (Depends if you use BIG MAMA Truck or baby truck)

*Say you read this entire text and you get paid $4.5 for doing that.


1Man + 1 Dude+ 1 Hombre Crew @$105/HR

Trip Charge: $45 or $105 (again depends if you use BIG MAMA Truck or baby truck)

*Say you read this entire text and you get paid $9.5 for doing that








Baby Truck($45)      Big Mama($105)



On the hourly rate, your time starts when our movers get to your pick-up location, and your time will end at the drop-off location, when you are completely done with the movers.  What’s included with your move:


  • Wrapping of your furniture (even that old IKEA!) with clean blankets for protection
  • Disassembly of your bed and appliance FREE of charge.  We charge for reassembly though(JK)
  • We will not shrink wrap your spouse (not cool)


OneSource Moving also provides Packing Services.  We pack at $55/HR for 1 pro packer or $65/HR for 1 packer and 1 Box Maker!



Do you want to make your move even cheaper?  Ask us about our crate rentals.  Those crates are like the best thing since the invention of sliced bread or the Ford Model T or anything you ever thought was really cool.  Why are they so cool you ask?  Well they are Affordable, convenient and greener than dirty cardboard boxes (Yuck).


For payment we accept Cash (cash is King )but we accept the other stuff too so we can make our clients life easier: Check, Money Orders, and the good old plastics.



Do you still have questions, well we are waiting for you.  We can’t wait to hear your voice!!

713-620-8097 or by E-mail(boring) at:


Yours partially (the other part is for our family)


Stephane Leveque

OneSource Moving

Move today!

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